Simple Trick to Avoid Obamacare
Penalties and Prevent Being Ripped Off

reform(SLW) - New policies prevent anyone from being denied health care coverage in the United States

When Americans visit the My Healthcare Quotes™ official site, and enter their zip code, the results can be shocking – and it doesn’t matter if you are currently  insured or not. Whether you are a fan of Obamacare or simply hate it, you are NOW required by law to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty every year you go without it. To avoid the penalty you must enroll in a marketplace plan. Many people have been reluctant to sign up for Obamacare simply because they can’t or they don’t want a government sponsored health plan. Others are reluctant to sign up for private insurance as they believe it may be too expensive, luckily if you are under the age of 70, and live in a qualified zip code, you can get an extremely high discount. Do you think that typical insurance companies want you to know that?

In fact, many readers have inquired on our site, asking if the rates were real, and what “the catch” is. Well, good news – there is no catch from what we can tell! The fact of the matter is that those taking the time to check their rates, have reported saving up to 50% off of their current rates. We heard this so often, that we decided to check it out ourselves.

Our investigative team decided to examine the information further, leading us to some pretty astonishing findings. Not only did we find that these claims were true, but one of our own team members was able to save nearly $1,000 on her family’s insurance plan, compared to her current coverage. The team also found that many others would indeed be able to save similar amounts. 

So, what is “The trick to getting affordable health insurance?” NEVER buy health insurance without comparing all of the discounts available to you through an unbiased source. Our research indicates that many people are being misled by their current health insurance carriers into thinking that they are paying a fair rate, when in fact, it could be that their insurance agents are intentionally keeping the lowest prices from them, in order to charge more money. When one of our team members confronted her previous insurance agent about this, she was told "because there are so many options, I didn't have a chance to tell you about them all." Yeah, right.

You are NOT locked into your current policy. If you pre-paid for your current policy you can cancel it and get back the balance of your pre-paid amount.

What most people don’t realize is that an insurance agent typically makes money off of the policies they sell, so the higher the premium, the more they get paid. Thankfully, smart policyholders have found out how to drastically cut their health insurance bill by using online tools to get unbiased quotes.

Since average savings are up to 50%, it is no wonder services like these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that Best Quotes™ is one of the most reliable and trusted services. They use highly effective tools to provide consumers with lower rates, translating into a lot of extra cash for other needs. We thank My Healthcare Quotes™ for providing such an amazing service with an honest effort to save money for families across America. You can click here if you would like to use the online tool to enjoy the benefits of this free service. Simply take a few seconds and enter your zip code to gain access to the systems no obligation quotes.

***Tip - You will have the opportunity to see the Best Provider quotes available based on a few questions you answer."  


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