Don't Say These Things on a First Date

stressed womanDating is hard, but first dates are harder. Here's an account for all of the lovelorn to consider before taking the first step, as well as what not to discuss on a first date..

Your Past - No one wants to hear about a date's sexual or love-interest history, it's just a huge turnoff. Also, consider the fact that you don't even know your date yet, and still, they're talking about the past...kinda' leaves a bad taste. Don't do it, don't put up with it.

Kids - While kids are great, and while many men and women have kids from a past relationship, a first date is not the place to begin gushing about junior's latest achievements in school or Boy Scouts. In time, dating adults with a child or children can begin to talk about their loved ones to their date, but on a first date keep the conversations about you and the other person.

Overly Sweet - Keep the sweetness to a minimum, as you barely know your date. Using pet names on a first date is not only a mood's pretty creepy.

Eroticism - While there's a place for sexually flirting on a first date that's going well, going overboard can lead you right you into Creeperland. You can be flirty without discussing every aspect of your sexual past or sexual expectations.

Keep the Pets at Home - You love your pet or Just keep them at home. This means physically as well as conversationally. While you can mention your pets, do not make them a point of interest within a conversation unless you plan to spend the rest of your life with your furry and feathered friends.

Remember, dating is really just the opportunity to get to know someone who you may be compatible with, but just as importantly it’s their opportunity to get to know you.




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